I am a Priciple Software Engineer for Symantec* where I spend my day crafting the latest responsive web applications in Angular JS, along side node.js and other modern toolsets like D3 for advanced data visualisations. I formed the Thames Valley Web Developers group  (although have since turned over the running of the group to another member) and have been active in a number of hackathons, both internally and externally. I have given talks on AngularJS, AngularJS unit testing, and build automation with GruntJS, and continue to explore new technologies and frameworks.

Prior to my web development work  I spent about 7 years knee deep in legacy C++, MAPI, and Outlook Add-in development. In my spare time if I’m not climbing, catching up with friends or playing a few rounds of BC2 I might dabble in some C# and Objective-C on the iPhone. I’m the author of the multi-selling** iPhone hit app MAPICodes.


*Note – any views or opinions expressed on this blog are PURELY my own, and do not, in any way, represent those of the company I work for.

** At least 16 units downloaded to date!